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We have over 25 years of combined experience in the Metro Houston Area.

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What are some of the reasons homeowners are considering pool demolition and removal service?

We are a family owned and operated contracting company located in Spring Texas. The owner and his crew have over 15 years experience providing demolition services for residence and businesses in Spring and The Houston TX area.

Here is a list of concerns pool owners shared with our demolition company on why they're considering investing in demolishing, removing and filling in their backyard pool & spa.

We specialize in working with homeowners that want to remove old backyard swimming pools that they do not want to continue maintaining. Individuals with pools eventually reach a point to where it no longer makes sense to remodel or repair their aging pool & spa. They don't have to time or finances to continue maintaining the pool.

If you're looking at your pool and it needs replastering or the pool equipment is in need of updating. You're looking at investing $1,000's of dollars with a pool plaster and pool service company to get this work done. Then you have to decide if you want to absorb the ongoing maintenance cost to keep the pool clean and equipment serviced. You'll need to continue the purchase of chemicals if you have a chlorine pool or salt if you own a salt water pool.

What about pool cleaning? 

Yup, the pool needs to be cleaned at least once a week. If you don't have the time to do it yourself.

You'll need to invest $150 to $175 per month or more depending on where you live and what pool service company you hire to do the monthly pool cleaning service. This monthly pool cleaning cost ads up real quick.

Then you have to factor in cost to keep cleaning the pool filter. Look at what happen after the last freeze here in Texas. A ton of pool owners had to replace pool motors and pool pumps. Not to mention, pool heaters that were damaged during the freeze.

These pool heater replacement cost can run into the thousands of dollars for individuals in Spring and The Woodlands.

Pool leaks are another money pit for pool owners. If the pool leak is above ground. I maybe a manageable fix for most pool service companies. However, if the plumbing leak is under the pool or under ground. You first need to hire a pool leak detection expert for perform leak detection test first. The leak detection test cost does not include making the pool leak repair. The cost for pool leak repair can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Check with your pool service experts to learn more about the cost to update and maintain your family's swimming pool and spa. Should you decide you want to look at pool demolition and removal. Give us a call and we will meet with you to provide a free estimate.

Get a cost quote to demolish and remove your backyard swimming pool and spa today. We provide upfront pricing in our written estimate.

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