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How to get rid of an old pool

Pool demolition and removal is a serious business. There are many factors to consider when planning to have an inground pool demolished, such as the type of pool, the size of the pool, and the condition of the pool. 

Demolition companies will also need to determine how to fill in the hole left behind by the pool. The following is a general overview of how demolition companies do pool removal and fill-in jobs.

When planning to have a pool demolished, the first step is to contact a reputable demolition company. The company will then send someone out to assess the situation and provide an estimate. Once the estimate is accepted, the company will schedule a time for the job.

On the day of the job, the demolition service company will first drain the pool of water. They will then disconnect any utilities that are connected to the pool, such as electricity and gas.
Next, they will begin breaking up the pool decking, coping and walls. Once the pool is completely demolished, the pool demo company will begin filling in the hole left behind.

The type of material used to fill in the pool will depend on the size and depth of the pool. For smaller pools, sand may be used. 

For larger pools, gravel or concrete may be used. The swimming pool demolition contractor will compact the fill material to make sure it is level with the surrounding ground.

Once the pool is filled in, the crew will seed or sod the area to blend it in with the rest of your yard. 

If your backyard swimming pool is in need of pool demolition and removal service. We invite you to give us to schedule your free estimate today.

Recent Projects

Here are a few pool demolition and removal images from recent jobs we've completed for satisfied customers throughout the Houston Texas area.
  • old pool ready for removal

    Large Pool Demolition

    Pool owners grow tired over time having to service the pool. Pool equipment updates and maintenance eat away savings quickly.
    skid steer demolishing inground pool

    Pool Removal & Fill-in's

    Here we are using a skid steer with hydraulic attachment to quickly demolish the pool to ready the area to be filled in.
  • break out pool and fill in with dirt

    Break Out And Fill In

    We completely removed the swimming pool and now the area is ready for fill dirt to be brought in and tamped down.
    before and after pool removal

    Before and After Pool Removal

    This before and after pool demolition image shows the pool, coping & decking having been removed and filled in.
  • breaking down gunite pool

    Tired Of Your Pool?

    An excavator is an excellent piece of heavy equipment used to break down the sides of a gunite or concrete pool.
    full tear out and removal

    Full Tear Out and Removal

    Skid steer with a grapple attachment is used to pick up the debris and safely transport it to dump trucks that will haul it away.